Lobo Advisor- Top Ten Investment Rules

  1. Avoid the BIG mistake. One Enron can take many years to overcome. There are a surprising number of investments which lose substantial value.
  2. Do not be influenced by media. TV ratings do not translate into investment performance.
  3. Recognize disruptive technology for both investment opportunity and for threat. Example: Solar Energy.
  4. Take the time to understand Risk (very few do). 
  5. Diversification is one of investing's only free lunches.
  6. Dividends are no substitute for bond interest. 
  7. Review your financial plan at least annually and your estate plan at least every five years. 
  8. Basic investing never changes. Technology has made it easier for so many of us.... in many cases, easier to lose money. 
  9. An investor's greatest enemy is EGO. Keeping a handle on greed and fear will go a long way toward achieving your goals.
  10. An investor's greatest ally is DISCIPLINE. Sticking to a discipline is more valuable than knowledge for successful investing.