The FCM Investment Philosophy: Intensely 
Focused on Risk Management

These TOP TEN INVESTMENT THEMES represent what we believe The Future of Investing will look like (note: much of what appears below is already happening!):
• The next 30 years of investing will bear little resemblance to the last 30 years. This is especially true of the Bond Cycle. Those who recognize this early on stand to benefit disproportionately.
• The nature and pace of technological innovation will be very disruptive for many companies, including so-called "blue chips". To paraphrase Forrest, "Blue Chip is as Blue Chip does".
• Precious metals, including Gold, Silver, and Platinum, as well as many commodities and miners, will garner a more important role in portfolios.
• Allocations to Bonds as an asset class will diminish in favor of better risk-reward opportunities.
• Cryptocurrency is an entirely new money concept. Whether and when to include a small allocation to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital currencies is a discussion worth having.
• Non-U.S. equities, especially in those countries with manageable debt-to-GDP levels, will likely offer better opportunities.
• Currency considerations, including and ESPECIALLY for the U.S. Dollar, will be crucial for investment returns. The world is starving for a sound form of money.
• The increasing role of central banks in markets will create great distortions in the markets (did someone say Gamestop?).
• Inflation in the form of Lost Purchasing Power will be significant and require investing away from Bonds to maintain real returns.
To us, the Fiduciary Standard of Care means not relying on "Third Parties" to make your investment decisions. We welcome the responsibility of taking the time to fully understand your risk tolerance, your time frame, and your objectives. We overlay that with a deep understanding of macro issues and an occasional tactical mindset. We aim to optimize the risk-reward balance for your personalized portfolio, and we monitor your portfolio consistently, always adapting where appropriate. 
Our direct investment approach, without Third Parties, allows us to charge less and pass those savings along to you. Our fees are extremely competitive and all-inclusive- we care about your 'net' return.
It is critical for Financial Advisors to go beyond headlines and popular Wall Street Research. We must think "outside the box" in a new century, with roots grounded in sound, constant investment principles. It is our belief that many investors and advisors alike are trained in the markets of yesteryear. This can result in dangerous allocations and investment decisions. 
You have important choices to make with your hard-earned dollars. We respect and understand that. It would be our pleasure to have a complimentary, pressure-free conversation with you. We are most comfortable with portfolios of $500,000 and above.